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updated for October 21, 0000
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October 21, 1999 -- "Safe House" on UPN...

Keep tomorrow night free if you still haven't seen Safe House. UPN will carry the film's network premiere at 8 p.m. EST, which isn't a heck of a lot of time from it's video release or even it's first outing on Showtime earlier this year. How it got on to such a fast track is beyond me.

Local commercials have been slick and continuous (six times in one hour makes my head spin), with KW's name prominently mentioned (which is great to see).

--And now for a late breaking spur of the moment thought -- NBC will be running its miniseries/movie Leprechauns in early November as part of their double barreled sweeps month. The network might give us our first clips from Tenth Kingdom within a commercial about their upcoming events.

Like I said --  a spur of the moment notion...

October 12, 1999 -- "Harmless" hits the shelves...

-- It's Tuesday folks, and that means it's new video day. So this means that for all of you who didn't get to see Just a Little Harmless Sex in the theaters earlier this year, now you can.

Harmless hit the street today in both video stores for the VHS (as a rental only) and sales outlets for the DVD. I stopped by my local Blockbuster video and they had six copies available for rent, which is double of what I was expecting. I was very impressed and the manager alluded that it was going to be a hot rental for some time with the pull of both the cast and the funky title. So get out there and see it, or see it again if you have the inclination!

One of the funnier parts about of this is to read the interesting one line profiles the box has about each of the characters. Guess who had the line "Her fantasy was a spin around the pole"? (Somebody got paid to think that up...)

Although my DVD didn't arrived today (those pesky national holidays!), I did rent the movie to watch it again AND to start early on some vidcaps. And who knows... I might even get around to writing my review (finally).

-- Also, I don't know if anyone noticed but Indian Summer has been either placed on moratorium or is out of print altogether. A couple of online shops still have it for sale but I'm guessing that once it's gone, it'll be gone for a while.

October 9, 1999 -- Simpatico in Toronto...

Simpatico premiered as part of the Toronto International Film Festival. which ran from September 8th to the 18th. The premiere was on the 15th, with a "gala presentation". The site does not mention if any members of the cast or crew attended (but I'm still looking...).

A write up about the film by the TIFF can be found on the Simpatico page.

[Thanks to the Toronto International Film Festival!]

October 6, 1999 -- News all around...

I don't plan on taking three weeks off from working on the site, it just happens...

-- has a firm release date listed for Simpatico after the initial Los Angeles run and it is January 21, 2000. The next question is where as the cities it will be released in is still up in the air. Or it's listed on another site and I just haven't seen it yet. (hey, it's happened)

Of note, there were two casts listed with KW as part of the "flashback cast". In the same vein, Fine Line Pictures has kinda-sorta put up an official site for the movie. It isn't really open but promises the full version will be up soon.

-- Remember way back when where we found out that the then MIA film "Isn't it Romantic?" (a.k.a. Just a Little Harmless Sex) had actually been released six month previously? Well, it's happened again.

The Internet Movie Database has the first premiere date for Elephant Juice as August 23, 1999 at the Edinburgh Film Festival. Keep your fingers crossed for an early 2000 release here in the U.S.

While I'm trying to find out more on this, or if Miramax has any plans to release it soon,  you can read a short plot summary from the Edinburgh Festival people at the Juice page.

-- Two reminders...

Just a Little Harmless Sex comes out this Tuesday on both VHS and DVD in the States. I'm sure this will the first chance for many of you to see it, and I'll finally get the chance to see it again so that I can write my own review. I'm really keeping my fingers crossed that, who has my pre-order, will deliver it on the day of release much like when they stunned my brother and I when The Matrix arrived the morning it came out. Now that's service!

Of course, it didn't work on my brother's machine and things got ugly after that, but that's neither her nor there. Moral? Don't buy Zenith products. Okay, maybe some...

But I digress. Keep 10:30 a.m. sharp open on Halloween because the next to last of KW's unseen-by-my-eyes-projects will finally hit the television as part of Sci-Fi Channel's day long marathon of Tales from the Crypt. "The Bribe" has arrived!

Okay, I'm going to eat dinner...

[Thanks to, Fine Line Pictures, and the IMDb for having all the right connections!]

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KW on the tube

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